Tony Earley’s “Somehow Form a Family”: Who’s Watching?

Opie, from "The Andy Griffith Show," a popular American TV show that ran from 1960-1968 and was set in the fictional small town of Mayberry.


Mr. Greenjeans (right) on an episode of "Captain Kangaroo," a long-running children's TV series (1955-1984). The show was based on "the warm relationship between grandparents and children."


Hoss, from the show "Bonanza," a popular western TV show that ran from 1959-1973.


Gomer Pyle (right) and Sgt. Carter from the show "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." (1962-1964). Jim Nabors played Gomer Pyle.


A clip from The Brady Bunch, in which Jan runs for Most Popular Girl at her school, ft. the Bradys’ housekeeper, Alice (in blue). The show ran from 1969-1974.



Like Tony Earley in his essay, consider what television shows are popular today, or were popular when you were a kid.Think about how these shows shaped your expectations of family, love and relationships, work, school, etc.

  1. How has television influenced your view of the world?
  2. What characters did you relate to and why?



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