EXTRA CREDIT: Images of Black Women in America w/ Dr. Freeman-Marshall

Given the class’s interest in Jean Kilbourne’s video (what a great discussion!) and the number of you who attended the forum on the State of the Black Purdue Student, I thought many of you would be interested in this event, hosted by the Black Thought Collective here at Purdue.


Our own Dr. Freeman-Marshall will give a talk about Harris-Perry’s book.

When: Wednesday, April 11th at 7:00 pm

Where: Black Cultural Center Library, 1100 Third Street, on Purdue’s campus

Cost: Free

“The Black Thought Collective is committed to dialogue that will foster intellectual enlightenment as well as educational opportunities beyond the classroom specifically experienced through an Afrocentric perspective.”

If you are interested in learning more about The Black Thought Collective, I’m happy to pass along contact information. Inquire in class.


As with the forum, I will offer extra credit to any student who attends the event and who writes and submits a one-page (minimum) response to the talk.If you can, make connections between what we’ve discussed in class and points discussed in the talk. You do not need to read the book to attend the event, though I hope Dr. Freeman-Marshall’s talk will make you interested in reading more!


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