Women Leaders

Women account for only about 4% of corporate CEO positions in America today. This is not only sad but is also a major problem we as equal humans must find solutions to. Women have the same mental capability to make decisions and lead a team as any man. If this is true then why is it that only 4% of corporate CEO positions are held by women?

It is simple, women must come together and learn to empower themselves. Yes women face more problems in the workplace such as sexual harassment or degrading comments said by men, however, women must find a way to overcome these barriers and thrive to outwork these disrespectful people. By understanding that women have the same capabilities as men in the workplace, women must have the courage to challenge these men and show them how successful they can be.

Women have the same qualities and capabilities as men when it comes to leadership. They must be determined to make it to the top in order to actually make it to the top. Lack of determination is the most common problem holding women back from leader positions in the workplace. Women must find motivation in order to stay determined to succeed.

Being courageous and not afraid to speak their mind is another skill women must improve in order to hold leadership positions. They must not be afraid to put in the time and effort to become a leader. They cannot let others negativity get in their way. Women need to take this negativity and use it bravely to motivate them to further their leadership capabilities.

Just like men, women need to think bigger. They need to understand their organizations goals and look for long term result instead of just finding short term solutions. When men and women show they have the skill to seek future success in their organization it allows them to see the big picture and make better quality decisions. By doing so, women will often find leadership positions available to them because they have the right ideas in mind about where to lead their organization successfully in the future.



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