About ENGL 106

“The Academic Factory” serves as the website for the composition courses I teach at Purdue each semester, so content changes and is recycled frequently. Posts generally include lecture notes, class activities, local events, an resources for students working on their writing.

This section of ENGL 106, First-Year Composition, falls under a syllabus approach in the Introductory Composition Program at Purdue (IC@P) called UR@ (Your Are At _ ).  This syllabus approach focuses on social mapping and is interdisciplinary, examining contemporary issues and current events.  An important part of the researching and writing  process involves locating where you are; that is, understanding where you stand in relation to the larger context in which you are performing these activities, including the university, your chosen field, your culture, your personal experiences, etc.  Writing is a process of discovery; thus, your “map” is a thing in continual flux.

Course Content: All sections of ENGL 106 teach students the fundamentals of crafting academic arguments and introduce them to the types of critical inquiry practiced in the academy, skills necessary for every student regardless of his or her major.  For more information on Introductory Composition at Purdue, including the goals and outcomes outlined for ENGL 106, please visit the program’s homepage.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

To download a copy of the syllabus for this section of ENGL 106, please visit Blackboard. In addition to handouts and articles made available there during the semester, students are also required to purchase a copy of The Humble Argument for the class. Students will find copies at Von’s Book Shop near campus.


Course textbook.


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